Color Run The is,while the 5 km runs

Color Run

Color Run The is spreading a healthy lifestyle while spreading happiness and positive energy, while the 5 km runs. Over 60% of the colored runners were the first time to take part in the 5 km run, along with the Color Run The in more and more cities, more people were infected by this healthy lifestyle.
"We said the color run is one of the planet's most joyous 5 km, because this activity let everyone have chance with friends and family participation, the common experience of this unique, healthy, and happy atmosphere." The color run founder Travis Snyder said, "witness thousands of runners happily across the color run to the finish line," the most fun on the planet of 5 kilometers "has taken root in the hearts of the people the."
Color runners come from different social groups, each person has their own reasons for running.. The color run no time, there is no winner in the traditional sense, the welcome everyone to participate in - whether it is a 2 years old or 80 years old, whether it is just contact runners or professional athletes. Data show that more than 60% of the Color Run The runners are the first to run for the 5 km, while they participate in the driving force of Color Run The is to pursue a more active and healthy lifestyle. And part of the color run participants is hope in a positive way, encourage friends they are tenacious struggle with the disease, or to cherish the memory of their deceased friends and relatives. More people are running for love, in the scene of Color Run The, we have the privilege of witnessing more than 10 weddings and weddings.
So, regardless of you usually like shopping or you are the Olympic players, Color Run The 5 km runway must be the most color in your life, the most memorable.